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Coaching Solutions

Coaching is as personal an activity as it gets. No single coaching model or standard solution can accomodate everyone, it is essential for us to understand your challenges and objectives before deciding if we will be able to help you. It is equally important for you to decide whether we are the right people to coach you.

Therefore, our first coaching session is always free of charge, with the only objective to get to know each other and see if we "click".

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You're thinking about coaching?
If you are not familiar with coaching, you can find here information and useful tips to help you finding the right coach.

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Training Solutions

At ManagementEdge, we believe that training solutions should be adapted to our audience because learning objectives, styles, methods, and environments vary immensely from one company to the other.
Our training engagements always start with consultancy to understand your needs and constraints, we then agree on measurable learning objectives before adapting or creating interventions that will meet those needs.

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Want to discover our training solutions?
We offer a wide range of training interventions, but more importantly we like to create unique solutions that will meet your specific needs.

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